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Our Experienced and qualified mentors have over half a decade of proven track record of providing exceptional service to our minutes.

All of our mentors are OBU registered and qualified members of prestigious professional bodies (ACCA, ICAEW) serving BIG 4 audit firms in the United Kingdom having at least 10  years of professional experience.  Life are often a challenge for anyone, regardless of what stage they’re in or their background. one among the foremost important aspects of moving through life is that the recognition that, while life will never be easy, the steps that you simply do fancy improve yourself, regardless of how small, are all steps within the right direction. Sometimes, however, it are often difficult to ascertain that for yourself, difficult to acknowledge the progress you’ve made, and difficult to create that motivation. It are often very helpful to possess someone who will listen then provide caring and unconditional guidance along the trail.


  • OBU registered Mentors.
  • Qualified Members of professional bodies (ACCA, ICAEW).
  • BIG 4 Audit firm serving professionals (PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, EY).
  • Practical experience, insights across Financial & Non-Financial markets.
  • Over a decade of the mentoring experience.
  • Effective resolution of students’ queries.
  • High-quality service at affordable rates as compared to mainstream service providers.
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